A Lap Around Alaska – Coming (Very) Soon!

Greetings! I’ve been busy since I last posted. A Lap Around Alaska is now written, edited, proofread, and ready to make its entrance into the world. I will be publishing it on Amazon on July 24th.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I thought you might like to see the cover my talented artist, Linda Boulanger came up with. I’d love to know what you think!

I took that picture as I approached Haines Junction, Yukon, almost a week into my trip. Yes, it’s slightly ironic that I chose to use a picture of Canada for a book called A Lap Around Alaska, but I actually spent more time going back and forth across British Columbia and Yukon than I did in Alaska itself.

If you’ve read A Lap Around Americayou’ll be familiar with the format of this book. It is essentially a diary of an epic road trip, leaving Seaview, Washington, then driving north through the heart of British Columbia, catching the AlCan in Dawson Creek, and following that legendary road across the Yukon and into and around Alaska. On the way home, I varied the route a bit, as I wanted to see the Stewart-Cassion Highway, which was definitely worth the detour.

My travel books are different than most, I know. My goal is to give you the feeling that you were right there with me on the trip, seeing the same things I saw, chatting about the experience. Two reviews of A Lap Around America pointed out that my book is no Blue Highways, which was written by William Least Heat Moon. I completely agree. Blue Highways is a masterpiece of travel writing. It’s one of my personal favorite books. I would never compare my book to it. To those reviewers, though, I would just say – I never tried to be another Blue Highways. That book is already out there, and it’s pretty perfect. Why would I want to write another just like it?

Oh, one other thing. Because this trip was so much shorter than our lap around America, the travel writing section of this book was shorter as well. So, as an added bonus, I’ve included two short memoirs about time I spent in Alaska in the mid-seventies. The first, titled My First Alaska Summer, tells the story of being an overwhelmed fourteen year old deck hand on a 107 foot crabber called The Diver I. The second, titled My Matanuska Summer, tells about a misadventure in the Matanuska Valley, trying, quite unsuccessfully, to grow marijuana. I know this episode is a shock to those who know me well, as I have never had so much as a drink or tried marijuana, but that summer was much more about an extended camping trip than it was anything else. The only thing that got stoned that summer was the wildlife who ate our little plants.

I’ll post a short blog when the book publishes next week. I’m going to publish it initially at $2.99, before it jumps up to its regular price of $4.99 in a few weeks.

Thanks so much for following along with this blog on my trip. Having you along makes the whole trip much more fun.

Cheers, and safe travels!



  1. I am really enjoying the book and when I’m done, I”ll leave a review for you. Thanks for doing this. I love the cover!


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