A Lap Around America is published!

If you’ve been following along with this blog, you probably know my idea all along has been to write a book about our journey.  Finally, five months after we turned in our wanderer’s card for a cozy beach house, the book is complete and published. You can find a Kindle copy of the book here and the paperback here. The Kindle copy is specially priced for launch week for just $2.99, before it goes up to its real price of $4.99.

Our trip took almost two months to complete, but it took me even longer to write about it. I used a diary format, breaking our epic journey down into bite sized daily chapters. I took thousands and thousands of photos on the trip, and boiled that huge number down to my sixty favorites for the book. If your Kindle supports color, then the photos will be in color as well. For those of us that use a Paperwhite (like myself) we’ll have to use a bit more imagination.

Someone asked me if I was just going to take the blogs I wrote here and gather them together for the book. The answer is, most definitely not. Sometimes, I found that I loved the way things read in the blog so much that I couldn’t change it. Most all of the time, though, I turned things over, examined them from different angles, and rewrote the whole thing, hopefully adding depth, and possibly some humor. Humor is tricky though, isn’t it? I think I’m hilarious. Dawn often disagrees. That’s part of the fun of the book, too.

I worked with Doreen Martens as editor on this book, and I have to thank her for everything she did for me. She did a perfect job fixing my muck ups while still giving me the freedom to be myself. I’ve already asked her to edit my next book as well – the highest compliment I can give.

Until it actually happened, I had never dreamed I would be able to write a travel book. Now that it has – and it was so much fun – I’m thinking of where we could take a lap around next. Alaska? Canada? Europe? They all sound like fun to me!

I gave away three copies of the paperback to the readers who guessed the closest to how many miles we would travel. I will have those signed copies of to Mary Beth Hallahan, Mary Arkema, and Treva Craft as soon as my box of books arrives next week.

Until we hit the road again, thanks so much for being part of our blog!

Shawn and Dawn



  1. Just bought it. Sitting in hotel lobby, can’t check in for 4 hours so very happy to read your post. Virginia


  2. Wow, glad I read this message, was just about to order the Kindle version when I saw it had won one of the paperbacks! I am so excited to be able to see all the pictures, as my kindle does not do them. Anxiously waiting for it to arrive!
    Thanks Shawn,


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