Have you missed our updates from the road?

We’ve been back a little over a month now, and we are finally settled into our little house by the ocean in Seaview, WA. We loved, loved, loved our trip around the USA, but I admit, we were glad to see home.

It was an unusual homecoming for us, because we walked into a house that we’d only seen twice before, with everything we owned still packed in boxes and piled in the middle of every room. Now, (most of) those boxes are unpacked, and this really does feel like home. We are a short walk down to the ocean, and we have a wonderful back yard that is filled by deer, squirrels, and dozens of varieties of birds. My office is all set up, and I am hard at work on getting three new books out to you in short order: Life is Short, (a collection of my short fiction, old and new) The Redemption of Michael Hollister, (the sequel to The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver) and, of course, A Lap Around America. I am loving writing this travel book. Looking back over the blog posts and thousands of pictures we took on the road is like experiencing it all again. I hope you’ll have the same thought when the book comes out.

Speaking of which, I have a few free copies to give away! The day before we left on the trip, I gave everyone a chance to guess how many total miles we would drive on the trip. I announced I would give a signed copy of A Lap Around America to the two people who came closest with their guesses. However, three people came really close, so I’m actually going to give three copies away.

Here was our beginning mileage, sitting in Enumclaw, WA, on the day we left:


And, here is our final mileage, just after pulling into the driveway of our new home here in Seaview:


That means that our total mileage on the trip was 13,869 miles. Three readers guessed within 300 or so miles of that number, so I’m going to give all three of them a signed copy of the book as soon as it is published.

And the winners are… Mary Beth, (who guessed 13,521) Janice Jenkins, (who guessed 13,550) and Treva, (who guessed 14,020.) Congratulations! Drop me a line at shawninmon@gmail.com and make sure I have your address, so I can get your copy off to you as soon as it is published.

For now, I am back at work, slaving over a hot word processor, trying to get all three of these books written and off to you.

I have one small favor to ask! If you haven’t already, would you mind signing up for my New Release Alert List? If you do, I will send you a free ebook copy of my book, Rock ‘n Roll Heaven. I will also drop you a quick email to let you know each time I publish a new book. It’s my best way to stay in touch with you. You can sign up to get your free ebook here: http://bit.ly/1cU1iS0

Cheers, and I’ll be posting a blog update as I get the cover for the A Lap Around America ready to unveil, and as we get closer to publication. Until then, safe travels!

Shawn and Dawn


  1. Some evenings I’m still expecting to see a new post on your blog, but then I remember your trip is over. I so enjoyed how you shared your travels with us. Looking forward to the book!!


  2. Such a joy to share your travels, Shawn. Roy and I both miss your nightly blogs. Certainly, I look forward to all three books that you have in the works. But…but…but what about Elizabeth and Steve?


  3. To bad I didn’t win, I think I was about 2000 off!! Oh well, the guessing was just a portion of the fun, reading your blogs daily was whay made the whole thing interesting. Ever given thought to being a history teacher?? But that don’t mean give up your writing. Looking forward to all new stuff coming up.


  4. YAY! Can’t believe I guessed close enough to be one of the winners. My email is on its way to you. To answer your question, YES I’ve missed your travel updates. I have traveled to several states, mostly in the south, southwest and east coast, but I would love to do a road trip and just take my leisurely time. Until that happens, I will just have to be content getting to travel with you and Dawn. I’m looking forward to reading the book, and making the trip all over again.


  5. I have missed your posts, it was so much fun to “travel” with you both. Looking forward to reading your material as it comes out!!! Take care and relax and enjoy the holidays in your new home.


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