Win a signed copy of A Lap Around America!

I know, I haven’t even written the thing yet, and here I am giving away free copies! I hope to get the book out in time for Christmas, as I will be mostly writing it as we travel. To enter to win a signed copy of the book as soon as it is published, you only need to do two things:

  1. Use the button on the right to receive email updates of this blog.
  2. Guess how many total miles we travel on our trip, door to door. Post your guess as a comment here on the blog and soon as I return, I will choose the two people who came the closest to receive the book. (Hint: it will definitely be over 10,000 miles, God willing and the creek don’t rise.)

If things had gone according to plan, we would be in Dayton, WA, tonight. Say it with me: Man plans, God laughs.

This first week of retirement has been beyond busy. In the last seven days, we’ve packed up our old house, loaded everything we own onto a truck, drove it to Long Beach, WA, unloaded it, then spent three days back in Orting, cleaning our old house so we could turn it over. In the midst of all that business, I had a complete brain fart and lost my wallet, with my debit card, driver’s license, and all credit cards. (The way I lost it is embarrassing – on the drive back from Long Beach, we stopped to gas up. I pumped the gas, set my wallet on top of our car, forgot about it, and drove off. Feel free to call me any name you’d like. I’m way ahead of you.)

Cancelling the credit cards and bank card were easy. What I didn’t want to do was start off on six week journey with absolutely no ID. So, we were forced to delay our trip for a day while I visited the outer circle of Hell known as the DMV on a Monday. Y’see, in Washington, most DMV’s are closed on Monday, so those few that are open do huge business. After a several hour wait and enduring endless ribbing from Dawn for having to be there, I am the proud owner of a temporary driver’s license that will get me through. Life is hard. It’s even harder when you are stupid. I am example 1A.

Several people wondered how we are traveling around the country. Is this an RV or a car trip? In keeping with the old school vibe, we are traveling by car.

Specifically, Dawn’s car, which we have nicknamed The Silver Bullet. Dawn thinks we named it that in honor of the Stephen King movie, which she loves, but I know we named it after Bob Seger’s backing band. Tomato, tomahto.


I will try and post pictures and a blog update every day, but I know there are places in this great nation where there is no easy access to wifi. Many hotels and motels advertise “Free Wifi,” but good luck finding the signal. Perhaps if you stand in one corner of the lobby and raise your left leg at a 45 degree angle. Aside from that, though, I am excited to bring you along with Dawn and me. This will be the journey of a lifetime for us, and I hope to do a good job of sharing it with you.

So, as my Grandma used to say, we’re off like a herd of turtles. See you soon!



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